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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Mad Writer Dash

What's on the iPod: Nothing. No time to listen!

Today is starting out like a marathon. I had smatterings of new projects hinted at the last two weeks. Now they've arrived -- at once. It's going to be a busy Monday.

Unfortunately, I also have house guests today. I can't spend time with them, nor can I go to the art museum with them. I will make time to meet them for dinner, but it's going to be a stretch getting it all done in time.

This is why I freelance -- to be able to break away when I have company. Alas, the timing, per usual, didn't allow for it. And if you freelance for a living, you can pretty much guarantee you'll have to miss a few things just as you would if you worked in an office.

It was a nice weekend with the visiting family members. We all attended a memorial service, then spent yesterday together catching up. They were treated to Irish sessions (naturally) at the pub, and then a movie at the local theater. I could have broken away and worked on some of my project prep then, but as I get older, I'd much rather spend my time on quality --family is quality.

I was treated to a pay check -- a client cleared up a few invoices at once, making for a sweet little deposit in the account. Plus there is a little more on the way from another favorite client, and there is plenty of work in front of me to make January a fantastic start to the new year. Today I'll be working with four clients and starting two projects. I do have a scheduled day off on Thursday, so I'm hoping to get well ahead of the work before then. Time to buckle down and minimize the distractions.

As a result, today's is a short post. It was a nice, family-filled weekend, but it's time to fulfill these promised deadlines.

How was your weekend? 
How do you sort and prioritize as the work streams in at once?


Damaria Senne said...

Good to hear you had a nice weekend Lori. Mine was also OK. The perfect mix of quiet and restfulness with some family socialising thrown in. I even managed to get in an afernoon nap.

On sorting and prioritising when work comes in at once - I usually assign proportionate time based on the size of the project and the deadline.

However, sometimes I'm not good with managing the time when I have too many prokects at once. I either work at all hours to try to get the bigger project/the earlier deadlined job done ASAP, or I bounce between the projects, usually spending too much time on one at the expense of the other. It is a weakness I need to work on.

Lori Widmer said...

It's a weakness of mine too, Damaria. That's why I went a little crazy and started timing everything. Keeps me honest. :)

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