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Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Fun and Frolick

Let's just say I've worked myself sick this week (and have the nasal congestion to prove it), so I think today's a good day to slow it down a little. I have some projects to complete, but I'm waiting on a few return calls, so things are stalled until that happens. I fully intend to meet a good friend for lunch today and talk about writing, relationships, and just plain girl stuff.

So instead of what makes my head explode (besides a blowing a stuffy nose), I think it's time to look around the Internet for some stuff to discuss or be entertained by.

One reason why some clients may not pay you:
Paidlancer? I love Clients from Hell anyway, but this one resonated. It could be why some of us aren't seeing those overdue checks.

Pathetic excuse for a human award:
Man adopts girlfriend. That's not a typo. He adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend. Why? Was she sick? Was it an act of charity? Hardly. The attorneys allege he was trying to protect his assets (he's quite wealthy). See, he's up on charging of vehicular homicide for killing a young man while driving drunk.

Cool phrases if you're Snoop Dogg:
Top Ten Things that Sound Cool When Said by Snoop Dogg. I especially love #1.

Love of the week:

Going Bigger with Nothing. Carrie Link shows us it's okay to just sit on your keister. And I love her for it.

What Fridays should be for:

What's making you smile or talk today?


Paula said...

I'm smiling because I may finally have my graphic designer sister cornered into designing a website for me. Yes, she has another knitting project she wants me to do.

The new project is a pair of fingerless gloves (which she wants made with longer wrist sections) with some intricate 6-tone color work. She said, "A new project for you!" as if trying to convince me she's doing me the favor. I said, "You know what my price is: A really cool website."

Sure, I'll probably spend more time knitting the gloves than she'll spend building a website, but the site should bring a long-term payoff.

I'm also smiling because Smash finally premieres on Monday - I first watched the pilot last summer so I'm really waiting for episode 2.

Anne Wayman said...

Lori, please, take some time to heal!

Wade Finnegan said...

That Snoop Dog clip cracked me up. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Williamson said...

I love "Going Bigger with Nothing." I need more of that in my life.

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